Frequently Asked Questions

While we encourage you to sign up to the marketplace for free and browse for leads - you may have a question or two beforehand. In that case, we've got you covered. See some of our answers below:

What is Data Daily?

Data Daily is a private marketplace for B2B e-mail leads. You're able to buy lists of highly enriched prospect data.

What do you consider enriched prospect data?

Email lists available on the Data Daily marketplace typically include social profiles, company information, and most importantly - the B2B e-mail addresses of key decision makers.

How long until I get my leads?

Your list(s) of leads are available immediately after purchasing a list on the marketplace. No wait times - instant access.

What type of leads are available?

There are always dozens of lists available on the marketplace. In example, data may include CMOs of Fortune 1000 companies, sales directors of media agencies, advertising professionals, ecommerce store owners, and more.

How much do leads cost?

Prospect data are sold in a list format, where 1 lead could cost as little as $0.02, depending on the type of list. Rates are affordable even for those with a bootstrapped budget.

Is this subscription based?

No. Signup is completely free and your access to the marketplace is permanently guaranteed. You can acquire lists of prospect data whenever it suits you most.